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Five for the Road

A compendium of articles and speeches by Dana Dakin, managing director of Dakin Partners. Topics include:

"How To Successfully Launch A New Investment Product"
"Shortening The Sell Cycle"
"Structuring A Winning Sales Presentation"
"Maximizing The Potential Of Client Meetings"
"Building On Your 'Sole Source' Characteristics"

Working With Dakin Partners: Nine Client Views

Leading firms in the industry discuss the major marketing junctures at which they brought in Dakin Partners and the results achieved. Among the interviewees:

Barr Rosenberg, chairman of the AXA Rosenberg Group
Ed Loughlin, president of SEI Investment Management
Jim Foster, senior vice president of Dreyfus Institutional Investors
Ray Killian, president of ITG Inc.
Wayne Wagoner, president of Plexus Group